Application Development

Screenshot of shiny apps by Saskia A. Otto

We are building and ecosystem of open data, open software and trustworthy algorithms around our data observatories. We collaborate with scientific software developers, and their communities, such as rOpenGov. Our software tools have many thousand users, but they require coding skills. We will soon start to deploy more user-friendly applications that can be used by sustainability reporting professionals, or lawyers preparing factual green disclosures.

  1. Our Eviota project, which builds a multi-language reporting interface for preventing greenwashing. It will have a user-frontend for our environmental (and economic) impact assessment software tool, iotables. The iotables R package implements most of the functionality laid out in the economic and environmental input-output analysis features in the Eurostat and the respective UN statistical technical guidance on the topic.

  2. Our smart document are always alive: they contain code that searches for data updates or changes in the law. It is a document that includes reproducible research code and makes sure that your document contains the latest information. It is a resource that, when uploaded to the web 3.0, cannot only be downloaded, but finds itself its audience, places itself into global libraries, data exchanges, automated websites.

Competition Data Observatory
Competition Data Observatory
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