Intern: Impact in Music & Audiovisual

Intern: Impact in Music & Audiovisual

Intern (The Hague Area)


We are looking for 1 or 2 part-time, paid intern(s):

  • Students or enrolled in BA, MA/MSc or PhD courses, or recent non-doctoral graduates; or
  • Early career stage self-publishing/freelance artists, bloggers, podcast creators
  • Who want to make a positive economic, environmental and social impact on a local music, audiovisual or photography scene.
  • You will give help in small, practical tasks related to our team’s work;
  • Carry out a tiny project to make a cultural community (or heritage collection) of your regional choice more visible on the internet; learn new skills.
  • Besides our expectations, we give advantage to potential candidates who speak a non-official regional language, or have an interest to learn web technologies, data modeling or data programming, potentially leading to a junior job at Reprex.
  • Flexible, 8-20 hours paid work in The Hague Metro Area.
How to apply?

  • You will need a free Keybase account and free Github account for group working. If you do not have a GitHub account, you will be expected to make an account and accomplish the free practices on this link. This is as an essential skill to work on open collaboration, open science or open source projects.

  • Please download this file ( and edit it according to the instruction in the file (they are invisible here on the website) in a text editor, such as NotePad, WordPad, VIM and send it back to as an .md file or .txt file. If you are not familiar with text editors, here is a bio_template.docx or bio_template.rtf version.

  • In the bio template write a motivation letter: what would you like to learn and what would you like to do as your tiny project at Reprex? See a few examples at the end of this page (below our requirements) to get inspired!

  • You will work up to 20 hours a week: please state in your application how many hours you would like to work. We will provide some flexibility for tests, exams, holidays. You will partly work remotely, and partly based in our inclusive environment of Apollo 14, The Hague’s Impact Hub for impact startups.

  • Add a profile photo (at least 600px wide, not bigger than 3-4 megabytles). We will make publish this picture in black and white behind a circle mask. Make sure that the crop of your face is not too tight in a circle. To avoid different formats of portraits, they will be behind a circle mask, as on the partners page. We will delete your photo if you will not be our intern, if yes, we will place it among our contributors profiles.

Save the file as or your_name.rtf and add the small profile profile photo as your_name.png or your_name.jpg to an email that you send to the attention of the Reprex team to the email address:

apply [at] reprex [dot] nl

Text file ❓ Photo❓Yes, we want to see if you are able to work with different, non-Microsoft/non-Apple specific, interoperable files, and if you are a human who got to this point in reading 😊 . We will delete all files β™» of those candidates who will not become interns and make it to our team️.


You will work on the Dutch (and potentially regional language) localization of our Listen Local, SurveyHarmonies, Eviota, and Open Collections products.

  • Listen Local: make the local music scene of The Hague, and citi(e)s of your choice more visible on global platforms (See Listen Local Lithuania and our Feasibility Study).
  • Eviota: produce cheap, reliable, connected financial and sustainability reports to help music, film, heritage organizations avoiding greenwashing and pinkwashing, and ensure their access to sustainable finance loans, insurance and grants (See or Music Eviota project page).
  • SurveyHarmonies: localize our growing music, film, heritage questionbanks for accurately measuring how creators and their audiences live, and what is their environmental and social impact. (See our blogpost Surveying Better Gender Diversity Within the Music Industry and Audiences.)
  • OpenCollections: link open collections of photography, small prints, music and video with large, global collections. (See our blogpost Connecting Collection and Repertoire Management to Wikidata)

Learning opportunity

ℹ️ During your internship, you will carry out a tiny project (with assistance) and contribute to our daily activities in our ImpactCity Apollo 14 office.

What can I learn?

  • Data modelling and data automation with market/impact/policy research questionbanks, surveys;
  • Automating the web 1-2-3 presence of creators, make new talents’ and cultural heritage (F)indable, (A)ccessible, (I)nteroperable and (R)eusable;
  • Work with collaborative tools like GitHub and GitHub projects;
  • Basics of detecting malign algorithms that are working against a local cultural ecosystem and not for it;
  • Basics of environmental and social impact (language, gender, ethnic inclusivity) in culture.


πŸ“ˆ Eagerness to learn, and enduring monotony: trustworthy AI and data products must work very accurately. Initially, you will work with many spreadsheets (Google Spreadsheets or OpenOffice or Excel.) If spreadsheets are not your thing, this is not your thing.

πŸ’š Desire to make an impact on showing new talent or heritage from The Hague and your citi(e)s of choice in music, film, video, or photography.

πŸ‡³πŸ‡± Native level Dutch (with excellent writing skills) and independent working capability English. You need to localize written text in a way that native Dutch speaker musicians, filmmakers, photographers understand it, regardless if they live in the Netherlands, Belgium or elsewhere.

🌈 Read our Contributors Covenant. You must make this pledge if you want to work with us.

🐝 We give an advantage to candidates who want to make their language minorities more visible, or who may want to work with us in the long term, or, who accidentally likes bees and pollinators.

Regional languages or long-term interest?

This are not required to make an application, but we are particularly happy to give an opportunity to people who want to make their language minorities more visible, or who may want to work with us in the long term.

  • Reading/writing a regional language like Frisian, Basque, Surinamese, or other non-official language of the European Union may be a plus.
  • Interest in web technologies, HTML/CSS/JavaScript/Go, or data programming (R, Python, RDF, JSON-LD.)
  • You accidentally have an interest in beehives, beekeeping, and generally making The Hague friendlier for pollinators. We are not joking: we will sometimes work together with BeeSage, a startup that makes beehives smarters.

Get Inspired

This is what we do. Do you like anything from below? We work in open collaboration with citizen scientists, artists, NGOs, universities, small and large companies. If anything catches your eye, make sure to apply.

Get inspired | Green Deal Data Observatory | Digital Music Observatory | Data & Lyrics blog | Open Collections Case Study | Listen Local Lithuania | ESG in Music & Film | Recycling existing surveys and comparing results across countries, occupational groups, and time.

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