We are a Netherlands-based start-up company that makes big data reliable and accountable, delivering trustworthy analytics and AI solutions. We validate multiple data sources and are able to merge private and proprietary data with open data. We bring novel insight into policy and business problems, as well as scientific research. Our work addresses the potentially negative effects of black-box proprietary algorithms. Our diverse team is particularly experienced in music, the creative industries, and digital humanities, where data is scattered in small organizations.

The Data Sisyphus
Poor metadata management causes much repeated tasks, errors, non-billable hours and uncredited work.
Open Data
Open data cannot be just ‘downloaded’. It is not ready-to-use, and often not even public.
Trustworthy AI
What can go wrong with the algorithm? Finding unwanted outcomes and correcting them in complex systems.
Research Automation
Repeaded data processing and validation steps are best made, documented, logged by computers.
Data sits everywhere and it is not easy to find even at home. Our curators know where to dig.
Professional Data Processing
Uncut diamonds need to be polished. Data is only potential information, raw and unprocessed.
Metadata: Documentation & Codebooks
Adding FAIR metadata exponentially increases the value of data. We use DataCite and SDMX statistical coding.

Reusable, easy-to-import, interoperable, always fresh data in tidy formats with a modern API.

Our flagship demo projects are the Listen Local ethical music recommendation system based on our Demo Music Observatory data integration and knowledge sharing platform. We have validated our product/market fit in the prestigious Yes!Delft AI+Blockchain Lab. We are members of the Dutch AI Coalition and participate in the work of the European AI Alliance.

See our services: data curation, open data access, survey harmonization, reproducible research and validated trustworthy AI applications.

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