Recent & Upcoming Talks

Streaming Economics: where are we really going?

Moderator: Steve Mayall (Music Ally). Speakers: Helienne Lindvall, Enzo Mazza (President of FIMI), Charles Kilby Welch (Kartel, tbd) and Daniel Antal, CFA (Digital Music Observatory, Reprex).

Digital Music Observatory on the MaMA Convention 2021

We are looking for partners in France for our Digital Music Observatory. You can find us in Le Trianon, in the JUMP Corner.

Crunchconf: Open Data, New Gold Without the Rush

Every year, the EU announces that billions and billions of data are now “open” again, but this is not gold. At least not in the form of nicely minted gold coins, but in gold dust and nuggets found in the muddy banks of chilly rivers. There is no rush …

Reprex Open Data Day 2021

Open Data Day 2021 focusing on environmental, sustainability and public spending data mapping.

Reprex introduction in IVIR

Reprex introduces our research automation products on the IViRtual seminar.

ESCO Focus Group on CCI Occupations and Skills

CEEMID has a large enough answer pool for an empirical clustering of occupations in terms of economic activity and work output, that is why I was invited to the ESCO Focus Group on CCI Occupations and Skills.

Central European Music Industry Report 2020

We will present to the audience the Central European Music Industry Report 2020 on the CCS Ecosystems: FLIPPING THE ODDS” Conference – a two-day high-level stakeholder event jointly organized with the European Commission, DG Education and Culture.

Panel Discussion of the Central Euroepan Music Industry Report 2019

The panel discussion of the first comprehensive Central and Eastern European report (Albania, Armenia, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia) will be in held on the Waves Music Showcase Festival and Conference. The presentation 10Mb self-contained HTML file, takes some time to load

Presentation of the Slovak Music Industry Report 2019

The venue is V klub, Národné Osvetové Centrum.

CEEMPC session: Licensing, How To Tackle The Value Gap And A Discussion On Licensing Initiatives

Pricing methods in the CISAC Good Governance seminar for author's societies.