Future Proof Film Production Data for Integrated ESG Reporting

Preparation for integrating IFRS accounting and ESRS sustainability standards

Nov 24, 2023 9:00 AM — 1:00 PM
NFI szakmai nap
Atelier H
Róna utca 174, Budapest, 1145
Click through to the [presentation slides](/slides/20231124_futureproof-open-productions) (available in PDF, epub, and html).
Click through to the presentation slides (available in PDF, epub, and html).

Daniel Antal presented the concept of Open Productions for producers and film professionals at the National Film Institute of Budapest, Europe’s largest film production cluster. Our planned project, which received one of the highest scores in the EIT CCI KIC’s Breakthrough Lab and received a conditional funding promise, aims to create an open, computer-actionable knowledge base to support the integration of film production budgeting, rights management, financial bookkeeping and accounting systems with environmental (CO2, H2O, waste, pollution, biodiversity risk map) and social sustainability data (workforce work-life balance, gender pay gap, etc.)

Let's [get in touch](https://reprex.nl/contact/)!
Let’s get in touch!
We are looking for film productions to test our system and report easier, cheaper and better the CO2, H2O, CH4 footprint, tackle their health and safety, gender paygap and royalty management problems.
Daniel Antal
Daniel Antal