Hackathon Registers of Cultural Entities

Reprex participates in the challenge to design a comprehensive IT solution for dynamic creation and filling of registers of cultural entities.

Apr 12, 2024 9:00 AM

The Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic does not have a register of all existing legal entities in the field of art, culture, and the creative industries, making it difficult to implement measures aimed at the entire sector. Its significance became fully apparent after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic when the ministry needed to target governmental support, but it did not have a complete list of eligible entities.

Existing registers

Sectors of cultural heritage (museums, galleries, libraries) – nearing 100% repletion Art sector (visual arts, theaters, musical entities) – low repletion Sectors falling under KKP (architecture, design, gaming industry) – no registers Publicly available data Register of non-governmental non-profit organizations Commercial Register Finstat Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic

Expected solution

The output of the hackathon should be a document outlining the method of creating an information system (IS) that will contain registers of legal entities whose main activities have an artistic or cultural character, as well as the method of filling it with data and how to obtain, process, and display this data.

Public and private sections Automated data collection from search engines based on entered keywords Manual registration of entities Categorization of entities by cultural sectors Import and export of data Generation of output data for managerial decision-making Creation of galleries, navigation menus, dynamic pages, and widgets Automated processing of statistical results

Big data for all