Co-founders after the paperwork

The big day has come: the co-founders singed off the documents at the public notary and started the registration of a reproducible research start-up in Leiden. We got a lot of support from our friends! Your encouragement gives us a lot of energy to accomplish our first milestones, and to get Reprex B.V. going!

Reprex means ‘reproducible example’ in data science. When you are stuck with a problem, creating a reproducible example allows other computer scientists, statisticians, programmers or data users to solve it. In 80% of the cases, you usually find the solution while creating a generalized example. In the 20% other cases, you can reach out for help easily.

In the coming days, we are launching demo versions of our headline products, data observatories. will be a fully automated online service that every day collects, processes, cleans, and publishes scientifically valid data about European music. Very soon after we will launch two other observatories.

The creative and cultural sector, NGOs, most research institutions, data journalism teams are usually very small, and they do not have internal IT or data science capacities. We would like to provide them a transparent, high quality, and fully open source solution to acquire data, process it without errors, document it and make sense of it. We would like to embrace the idea of open collaboration among creative enterprises, scientific researchers, NGOs, data journalists and policymakers with our work.

Our work will comply with the Open Policy Analysis standards developed by the Berkeley Initiative for Transparency in the Social Sciences & Center for Effective Global Action and the four principles of reproducible research: reviewability, replicability, confirmability and auditability. We believe that these standards apply in reproducible finance, empirical evidence presentation in courts, or advocating sound policies and producing high-quality journalism.

Do you want to help our start?

We would like to enter into the Validation Lab of one of the best artificial intelligence incubators in early September. Talented team members, letters of intents and assignments from organizations will give a lot of credibility to our start Meet our team ».

  • Put as in contact with people who love to write code in R and interested in automating business and social science research and primary data collection such as surveying. Check out what sort of code we create »

  • Introduce us to people who need data and information to make better informed decision and analysis in music, film, book publishing, photography services or socially responsible finance.

  • Share contacts of data journalists who would like to develop stories from big survey programs like Eurobarometer, Afrobarometer and Lationbarometro, or base their storytelling on data and its visualizations. See our survey harmonization examples »

Do you know such people? Send over this post or connect us in an email or social media message!

Thanks again for your good wishes and encouragements, and hope to hear from you soon!

Daniel Antal
Daniel Antal