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We are concerned about the implosion of ‘social media’, and we believe that truly public space can never go private. We are joining Mastodon and helping our curators and partners to make the transition until there is more clarity about the future of Twitter and Facebook.

Is Social Media Dead?

Read the opinion of Edward Ongweso Jr: Social Media Is Dead on Vice.

Mastodon is decentralized

Instant global communication is too important to belong to one company. Each Mastodon server is a completely independent entity, able to interoperate with others to form one global social network.

Mastodon puts decision making back in your hands. Each server creates their own rules and regulations, which are enforced locally and not top-down like corporate social media, making it the most flexible in responding to the needs of different groups of people. Join a server with the rules you agree with, or host your own.

This Reprex account is on []( where you can [invite]( your friends to join.
This Reprex account is on where you can invite your friends to join.

Mastodon is open source

Mastodon is free and open-source software. We believe in your right to use, copy, study and change Mastodon as you see fit, and we benefit from contributions from the community.

Mastodon is transparent

Mastodon thinks that your home feed should be filled with what matters to you most, not what a corporation thinks you should see. Radically different social media, back in the hands of the people.

Big data for all