Open Music Observatory: Towards a European Music Dataspace

Dataweek²⁴ presentation of our new data sharing space behind the music observatory

Check out the full presentation [here](/slides/20240605_d_antal_dataweek_omo/), or the forming observatory on [](
Check out the full presentation here, or the forming observatory on

Daniel Antal will introduce part 2 of Data Week 2024 and LAILEC, the Open Music Observatory, the subjective take of the Open Music Europe consortium on creating a European data observatory with the help of a modern, federated, decentralised data-sharing place that is interoperable with various EU digital services. The short presentation will be in the plenary session (16.00-18.00.)

At 14.00, in the Data-driven automated compliance session (Room Erasmus 3), Daniel will speak about the Sustainability and Innovation pillars of the music observatory in light of the complex compliance issues raised by the CSRD Directive and the difficult-to-access but favourable green financing and insurance opportunities open for the music, film, and another creative sector.

If you are participating in Data Week Part 2 or LAILAC, please join the presentation or have an informal chat at the social dinner. Thanks to KU-Leuven and the Big Data Value Association for the organisation and invitation.

Daniel Antal
Daniel Antal