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Check out our [slides](/slides/crea-innovlab-2023/). We are still looking for certain [partners](/project/crea-innovlab-2023/#potential-partners).
Check out our slides. We are still looking for certain partners.

DataInnoLab is a cooperation of 6 innovative SMEs and startups, a non-profit cultural venue and non-profit cultural heritage organization and ESCP, a leading European Business school which aims to support two important Creative Europe strategic objectives.

  1. DataInnoLab wants to increase the competitiveness and economic potential of the cultural and creative sectors, in particular the audio-visual sector, in a way that mainstreams environmental and social sustainability management.
  2. We also want to help the development and promotion of European cooperation on cultural diversity and heritage in a way that removes institutional, technical, and semantic barriers between the cooperation of the commercial music and audiovisual industry and the music and audiovisual heritage organizations and their supporting institutions.

The DataInnoLab Consortium aims to provide business development tools for the music and audiovisual industry and its supporting heritage and other organizations to leverage the existing instruments of the Culture and Media Strand of the Creative Europe program and the broader New European Bauhaus instruments with higher market revenues and better access to green financing, green investments and insurance.

Our innovators bring into this project early stage products, prototypes, and open source software that can be further developed, packaged into services which are tested in multiple European markets, and eventually scaled for the entire EU internal market and beyond.

In this project, European innovative startups and SMEs will work with the ESCP Business School, a transnational business school for higher education with urban campuses in Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Spain and Poland, and its prestigious Blue Factory, its transnational start-up incubator. Established in 1819, ESCP is the world’s oldest business school and celebrated its 200th anniversary in 2019. ESCP Business School has particular expertise in three key academic areas, namely sustainability, entrepreneurship and digitalisation with a foundation of international management.

Our Proposal Data: Open Innovation Labs

Project Acronym: DataInnoLab
Funding scheme: CREA-PJG
Proposal ID: SEP-210944562

Table of Contents

WP 1 Coordination

The project is coordinated by the successful impact startup (Yes!Delft, JUMP Music Market Accelerator), Reprex.

WP 2 Sustainability

Our first innovation Work Package, WP2 Sustainability, starts with our priorities: we want to support music and film social and for-profit enterprises and public institutions with world-class ESG management and reporting.

WP 3 Competitiveness

In WP3, we develop a full digital lifecycle data management for independent music and film: we want to support integrated documentation, metadata management and machine-supported promotion of digitized (historical) music and film releases and new, digitally born creations. To avoid the Data Sisyphus and the unnecessary parallel digital clutter, we create a semantically and technologically interoperable documentation system that allows a cheaper, more efficient metadata management for commercial and heritage rights management, cheaper and more effective, automated visibility with the utilization of the web 3 semantic (linked open data) layer of the world wide web. Instead of retyping and translating Estonian or Slovak documentation information in English into collective rights management and separate individual rights management system, library and archive systems, we build tools that are natural language independent and allow a cross-synchronization of existing information among collective, individual rights management and heritage institutions.

WP 4 Open Data

Our WP4 will play a perhaps less spectacular but very important role: to make sure that our WP2 sustainability and WP3 competitiveness are well supported with harmonised data. WP4 is led by SINUS, a German qualitative and quantitative research company led by musicologists and musicians with a large portfolio of research work commissioned in the audiovisual, music and public policy sectors.

WP 5 Scaling Up

Last, but not least, WP5 Dissemination and Scaling will ensure that what we develop in our virtual DataInnoLab in The Hague, Stockholm, Berlin, Bratislava, Amsterdam, Tallinn and Budapest, will be available all over Europe at least.

Potential partners

  • Creative enterprises with good YouTube (+Vimeo and other) distribution and rights management track record.
  • Market research, particularly survey based in film and television.
  • Services for private collections/collectors.
Who are we?

In 90 secs: conceptual introduction

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