Survey Harmonization

Ex post survey harmonization is in a way a passive form of pooling research funding because you can utilize information from surveying that were made on somebody else’s expense. The aim of ex ante survey harmonization is to maximize the value from future retrospective harmonization; in a way, it is an active form of pooling research funding, because you benefit from money spent on related open governmental and open science survey programs.

Data Curation

We find the relevant data for your business or policy scorecard, market or scientific research project. We are constantly mapping, testing, validating new data sources in the creative and cultural industries.

Open Data

We provide our clients with simple datasets, databases, harmonized survey data, and various other rich data applications; we provide them with continuous access to high-quality, re-processed, re-usable public sector and scientific data.

Reproducible Research

We create templates for documents, presentations, websites, and newsletters that auto-refresh their data contents, visualizations, citations, and other technical documentation items, automating error-prone and time-consuming revisions of technical documents, such as consulting reports, scientific publications, litigation documents, and regulatory filings.

Turstworhty AI

We follow the ethical guidelines set up the by the European Union for trustworthy AI that is transparent, validated, and free of discrimination. We create ethical recommendation systems or help the validation and assessment of third-party systems to avoid undetected biases. We believe that AI-driven sales bots should comply with competition and consumer protection rules just like the human salesforce.