Streaming Economics: where are we really going?

Moderator: Steve Mayall (Music Ally). Speakers: Helienne Lindvall, Enzo Mazza (President of FIMI), Charles Kilby Welch (Kartel, tbd) and Daniel Antal, CFA (Digital Music Observatory, Reprex).


A Multi-Country Data Integration Project 2014-2020

Digital Music Observatory on MaMA 2021

Invitation for Digital Music Observatory

Open Data - The New Gold Without the Rush

Adding Value to Legally Open & Public Data

Digital Music Observatory on the MaMA Convention 2021

We are looking for partners in France for our Digital Music Observatory. You can find us in Le Trianon, in the JUMP Corner.

Crunchconf: Open Data, New Gold Without the Rush

Every year, the EU announces that billions and billions of data are now “open” again, but this is not gold. At least not in the form of nicely minted gold coins, but in gold dust and nuggets found in the muddy banks of chilly rivers. There is no rush …

Research & Analysis: Music Creators’ Earnings in the Digital Era

Our Digital Music Observatory contributed to the Music Creators’ Earnings in the Streaming Era project with understanding the level of justified and unjustified differences in rightsholder earnings, and putting them into a broader music economy context. The entire research paper is published by the UK Intellectual Property office, and we made the details of our analysis available in a joint publication.

Economic and Environment Impact Analysis, Automated for Data-as-Service

rOpenGov, Reprex, and other open collaboration partners teamed up to build on our expertise of open source statistical software development further: we want to create a technologically and financially feasible data-as-service to put our reproducible research products into wider user for the business analyst, scientific researcher and evidence-based policy design communities. Our new release will help with automated economic impact and environmental impact analysis.

Reprex is Contesting all Three Challenges of the EU Datathon 2021 Prize

Reprex, a Dutch start-up enterprise formed to utilize open source software and open data in open collaboration with its partners is contesting all three challenges of the EU Datathon 2021 Prizes.

Reprex Open Data Day 2021

Open Data Day 2021 focusing on environmental, sustainability and public spending data mapping.