Open Collaboration: Personal and Institutional Profiles

Please download this file ([](/documents/
Please download this file (

For each open collaboration partner, we add a key person’s profile and institutional profile to our collaboration website(s), in this case, to the CCSI Data Observatory page, and in the case of ESG reporting, at the same time to the Green Deal Data Observatory page.

  • In case the tender is not successful and we do not want to pursue collaboration, we will remove your profiles.
  • We add at least one key person’s simplified biography with data usually required in the proposal. Do include your ORCiD ID (what is this?) and LinkedIn URL.
  • One institutional partner page, do add your company URL and any social media links you like.
Download the profile form

Please download this file ( and edit it according to the instruction in the file (they are invisible here on the website) in a text editor, such as NotePad, WordPad, VIM and send it back to as an .md file or .txt file. If you are not familiar with text editors, here is a bio_template.docx or bio_template.rtf version.

  • Add a profile photo (at least 600px wide, preferably not bigger than 3-4 megabytles). We will make publish this picture in black and white behind a circle mask. Make sure that the crop of your face is not too tight in a circle. To avoid different formats of portraits, they will be behind a circle mask, as on the partners page.

  • If you want to add your company/organization, please fill out this form twice, and send us a corporate/organizational logo, too. If your logo is cropped very tight, then preferably place it on a larger white or transparent canvas in the middle. To avoid different shapes of logos, they will be behind a circle mask, as on the partners page.

  • Do include at least your ORCiD ID (what is this?) and LinkedIn URL, and if you have one, your GitHub account name. You can optionally attach to your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube channel, Spotify Creator account, or anything that you use as a music professional—whatever you use in a professional capacity.


You must have an ORCiD identifier. This will enable us to unambigously attribute your contributions to the intellectual property we are developing together. ORCiD is used in open science and other publishing to unambigously attribute copyrights to a person. It takes a few minutes to register an account if you do not have it yet. We will attribute your name and ORCiD ID on all assets that you contribute to.

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