How We Add Value to Public Data With Better Curation And Documentation?

Many people ask if we can really add value to free data that can be downloaded from the Internet by anybody. We do not only work with easy-to-download data, but we know that free, public data usually requires a lot of work to become really valuable. To start with, it is not always easy to find.

Streaming Economics: where are we really going?

Moderator: Steve Mayall (Music Ally). Speakers: Helienne Lindvall, Enzo Mazza (President of FIMI), Charles Kilby Welch (Kartel, tbd) and Daniel Antal, CFA (Digital Music Observatory, Reprex).

Reprex on MaMA

Reprex’s co-founder, Daniel Antal and our Listen Local curator, Marie Zhorová participated in the MaMA Festival & Convention in Paris on 13-15 October within the JUMP Music Market Accelerator Program. We introduced our Digital Music Observatory to national music organizations and encouraged them to try out a cooperation with us.

Digital Music Observatory on MaMA 2021

Invitation for Digital Music Observatory

Digital Music Observatory on the MaMA Convention 2021

We are looking for partners in France for our Digital Music Observatory. You can find us in Le Trianon, in the JUMP Corner.

Music Creators' Earning Project

Our Digital Music Observatory contributed to the Music Creators’ Earnings in the Streaming Era project with understanding the level of justified and unjustified differences in rightsholder earnings, and putting them into a broader music economy context. The entire research paper is published by the UK Intellectual Property office, and we made the details of our analysis available in a joint publication.

Digital Music Observatory

The Digital Music Observatory is a fully automated, open source, open data observatory that links public datasets in order to provide a comprehensive view of the European music industry.

Streaming Economics: where are we really going?

Panel Discussion