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  1. Introduction 2. Our Approach 3. Main Features 4. Connected Financial and Sustainability Reporting 5. Why are we developing it? 6. Is There a Film/TV Industry Version? 7. Questions


Our approach

Main Features

Connected Financial and Sustainability Reporting

In 2020 the European Commission requested technical advice, mandating the European Financial Reporting Advisory Group, EFRAG, to undertake preparatory work for the elaboration of possible EU non-financial reporting standards in a revised EU Non-Financial Reporting Directive (i.e., harmonizing financial reporting and audit with connected sustainability reporting) within the framework of the European Green Deal sustainable finance package and the Corporate Social Responsibility Directive.

                Ongoing Standardization

🖱 Link: EUROPEAN LAB – Project Task Force on Preparatory Work for the Elaboration of Possible EU Non-Financial Reporting Standards

Why Are We Developing Eviota for Music?

Is There A Film Industry Version?

Yes, it is coming! Ask for a demo on Email | Keybase | LinkedIn.


Ask: Email | Keybase

LinkedIn: Daniel Antal | Reprex