Digital Music Observatory

Jumping Ahead With the Digital Music Observatory

Our Digital Music Observatory project spent a year in the JUMP Music Market Accelerator's program. Over the course of 9 months, co-founder Daniel Antal could meet many stakeholders from almost all European countries, meet other new music technology startups and projects, and got mentoring and other professional help to further develop the project.

How We Add Value to Public Data With Imputation and Forecasting

Public data sources are often plagued with missng values. Naively you may think that you can ignore them, but think twice: in most cases, missing data in a table is not missing information, but rather malformatted information which will destroy your beautiful visualization or stop your application from working. In this example we show how we increase the usable subset of a public dataset by 66.7%, rendering useful what would otherwise have been a deal-breaker in panel regressions or machine learning applications.

Digital Music Observatory on MaMA 2021

Invitation for Digital Music Observatory

Horizon Europe Consortium

Our open collaboration platform is looking for partners for the Horizon Europe call Towards a competitive, fair and sustainable European music ecosystem.


CEEMID was multi-country project that was a predecessor of Reprex’s Digital Music Observatory.

Streaming Economics: where are we really going?

Panel Discussion